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about-meMy name is Magdalena Seifert. Yes, you guessed it. I’m German. And if you mispronounce the name, don’t worry – I’m used to it! Most people call me Lena, and you’re more than welcome to do so too. I’m fully bi-lingual, and just as fluent chatting – and writing – in English as I am in my mother-tongue.

Doing what I love

My enthusiasm for digital marketing started when I developed my first website, back when online marketing was still in its infancy. I was like a child with a new toy, and loved the possibilities the Internet offered. Over the following years, I developed my passion further by learning as much as I could about this type of marketing. In 2005, I officially moved fulltime into the world of freelance internet marketing and consultancy.

Things change fast in the digital marketing and inbound marketing world. With new trends constantly emerging, I am driven by a curiosity about new technologies and I am working hard to keep my finger on this ever-shifting pulse as well as staying on top of what’s happening in the industries I specialise in.

So how did I get here?

I first got a glimpse into “the backstage” of the hotel- and hospitality industry back in 1999 when I founded one of Ireland’s first corporate team building and experiential learning companies: Changing Pace Ltd. Also offering corporate incentives, meeting energisers, entertainment and events, the business soon became one of Ireland’s leading mobile event management companies. We provided services to corporates and organisations throughout Ireland, with venues ranging from iconic 5-star hotels and country pubs to modern city centre hotels and the grounds of historic stately homes.

Having discovered my love for marketing in general and Internet marketing in particular, in 2005, I sold my business to Kippure Estate in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. I was familiar with Kippure as one of the regular venues I was hosting corporate events from. Kippure was still a start-up business then, a purely self-catering establishment with 10 houses on a sizable chunk of land in the Wicklow hills, but the business was ready to expand.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, in 2005, I started an online marketing company. I had no formal education in marketing, but found that it came very naturally to me and I was good at it. MarketingPeach was born! As a result, I was asked by Kippure to take on the triple freelance role of marketing manager, hands-on marketer and product development consultant, to which I happily agreed.

From that point on, I was solely responsible for Kippure’s marketing. I was also the driving force behind additional products and services developed over the years. In fact, many of their current popular offerings, such as corporate team building and events, weddings, hens & stags, school tours, etc., were either my brainchild or I brought them into their business with me.

Since that time, MarketingPeach has grown, both in terms of my client base and service offerings, and expanded into a full inbound marketing agency and consultancy offering a wide range of services and solutions. Learn more about some clients I served by checking out the Recent Work page on this site.

My clients are Irish or UK hotels, hotel resorts, wedding venues, holiday villages and tourist attractions who are looking to step up their game. They’re either stuck and want to get unstuck – or are already good at what they do and want to be better.

Want to know more about me?

  • Born near Munich, Germany, I initially studied and worked in Munich itself. Later, I moved to Ireland where I lived and worked for a long number of years. After so much time spent there, I’m perfectly positioned to work with Irish businesses. I have an in-depth understanding of the land and its culture, as well as local business practices and customs.
  • After returning to Germany some years ago, I still travel to Ireland at least once a month. I don’t think you could keep me away if you tried! It’s my second home. Since I have an English partner, I travel regularly to the UK too, which means that I am equally familiar with the British way of life.
  • I have a background and hold qualifications in sales and international trade. Prior to founding Changing Pace, I was employed by several German, Irish and American companies in industries as varied as sales and export, telemarketing, printing paper brokerage, computer software and banking.
  • Of course, running an outdoor experiential learning company was the perfect opportunity to implement some of my outdoor leadership qualifications, including a Certificate in Adventure Education and the Irish Mountain Leader Award.
  • As much as I love the outdoors, during that time I took the opportunity to train further, branching out into a complementary field. As a result, I now also hold professional qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling and NLP.
  • As you might have guessed, I’m also an intrepid explorer. My love of travel has led me to exploring virtually every nook and cranny of Ireland, not to mention the UK. I also love visiting the rest of Europe, with its exciting diversity in landscape and its ancient history.
  • I enjoy my work, but I also make a conscious effort to take some time out for relaxation and staying fit and healthy. Hiking and Nordic Walking are favourite pastimes of mine and I also adore snow shoeing in winter.

Other Ventures

When not working on client projects, I’m looking after my online travel portal and travel blog, TouchingNature.co.uk. Touching Nature is the go-to website for all hikers, walkers and casual strollers, covering Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Northern Italy. It’s been described as the #1 Online Resource for travellers seeking to explore these areas on foot.

I also support my photographer partner in a joint project: Raumpix.de. Under this brand name, we are offering professional hotel photography and gastronomy photography to the trade in Germany, the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.

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