Category: Website Localisation

Jul 12, 2016

14 reasons why your German website is underperforming

Why website localisation for Germany is crucial to the success of your German site. The internet is the simplest, cheapest way of conducting international trade in export markets and tourism related businesses. If you want to make the most of your web marketing in Germany and other European countries, then you need to work out how to successfully […]

Jul 11, 2016

What exactly is website localisation?

Web marketing services for Germany and English speaking markets to ensure your message reaches its target audience Did you think that website localisation was nothing but a simple website translation? Don’t make this mistake! Translation is important, but when you’re trying to target a whole other country with a completely different culture, translation is just a tiny part of […]

May 30, 2016

Proven Website Localisation Techniques That Work!

Should you simply translate your website into German… or localise it to reach your new target audience? One of the trickiest tasks a website owner has to contend with is the translation and localisation of their site, for example from English into German. Besides the technical issues that they’re faced with, website owners have to […]