Digital Branding

Emotional marketing: develop closer customer relationships

The phrase ‘digital branding’ is an umbrella term used to describe the various ways a business attracts customers online. It includes different aspects of Internet marketing, including creative web design, SEO and UX, online advertising, content creation, videos, blogging, storytelling, social media marketing, review management and reputation marketing, just to name a few…

What your customers are saying about you is more important than what you are saying about yourself!

Digital branding vs digital marketing – what’s the difference?

You may think digital branding and digital marketing are the same thing, but they’re not. Digital marketing is focused on promoting a particular product or service, while digital branding is a more holistic approach, spreading the core values of your company.

While digital marketing is great in attracting one-time buyers, a good brand experience stays with the customer after they made a purchase and it’s what they remember when they’re ready to buy again.

Humanise your brand

This isn’t a hard sell. Instead, you’re demonstrating your brand attributes so consumers will decide for themselves whether you’ve got what they’re looking for. When you show, rather than tell, your value, it becomes easier for customers to come to you, which is what digital branding is all about.

It is a proven fact that people do business with people and brands that they know, like and trust.

The simple reality is that people react more positively to real people. That’s why it’s so important you give your business brand a likable personality. Whatever image you want your business to portray, when you take a personalised approach instead of a generic, robotic, one-size-fits-all stance, you become more approachable, compelling and, above all, human. This makes it easier for people to relate to your business – and choose your services or product when they want to make a purchase.

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