Marketing Mentoring

Improve your marketing people’s performance with expert mentoring.

Do your people have the essential skills?

First things first: to build real momentum your staff needs a firm skills foundation. In the “do-it-yourself” world of small- to medium sized businesses such as hotels, hotel resorts, wedding venues, holiday villages and tourist attractions, it’s sometimes difficult to spot areas that require outside assistance. Your marketing staff might send out newsletters and manage social media, but are they effective at it? And how can you even know? A good marketing mentor can evaluate the skills of your staff and the quality of their output. Armed with that knowledge, you’ll save resources by expertly delegating work to the people best suited to the task.

You need a plan!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just opened a brand-new holiday village or you’ve been hosting weddings for years. Any business that wants to successfully grow understands that a plan is essential. You need a marketing strategy designed with sustainable, long term success in mind. Throwing together advertising campaigns and special offers on an ad hoc basis will only waste time and money. I’ll take your staff through the process of developing a marketing strategy so they can formulate a marketing plan bespoke to your business needs. Alternatively, I can put together this plan for you.

Keeping everyone on schedule

When you get focused that’s when you see the greatest gains. Once you’ve devised a marketing strategy with clearly defined objectives and targets, I’ll support your marketing team in putting together a schedule of tasks and deadlines that need to happen so you can achieve your goals. This means that everyone has accountability for carrying out their assigned tasks when necessary so your plan can succeed. I’ll help document your goals and bring you back on track when you wander. A good marketing mentor demands metrics tied to objectives, with your staff taking responsibility and meeting deadlines.

Spotting mistakes before they occur

If you’ve been doing your own marketing without outside support, it’s easy to fall into bad habits and forget to monitor your marketing efforts. When this happens, marketing strategies fail to keep pace with changing conditions and lose what little effect they may have had in the first place. This is especially important when you are dealing with digital marketing, which is a dynamic, ever-changing environment. You need to stay constantly abreast of current marketing best practice to avoid making any costly errors. Ask yourself – is your staff capable of doing this without support and guidance?

You may need fewer objectives

As your marketing mentor, I know where the priorities and the payoffs are. I will help your team determine the most pressing objectives to pursue to get your business where you want it in one, three, five years. I’ll also make sure your priority objectives stay small and measurable. Each venue requires a unique mix of marketing activities. I’ll make sure you know where to best focus your attention for maximum payoff!

You need brand consistency

Everything your team does must be tied into your brand message. I’ll make sure that everything they do stays on brand to communicate your brand message consistently, no matter what media you’re using. For example, having identified the most appropriate social media platforms for your type of business, I’ll help your team put together a social media strategy that uses social media to convey brand personality.

Marketing mentoring in the digital age

I offer virtual mentoring – usually via telephone, email, Skype or instant messenger. At special request, mentoring can also take place face-to-face.

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