We’re a veteran team of experienced web designers and developers, copywriters and marketers…

su watson, seasoned web designer of marketingpeach team


Su Watson is a seasoned web designer with over 20 years’ experience who has been working with Magdalena on web design projects since 1999. She has an eye for design and an artistic and creative way about her that allows her to use all her skills in synergy, to deliver websites that are beautiful, inspirationally designed and exceed clients’ expectations. Su has two cats and a dog and is passionate about healthy living and gardening. She lives in the countryside in County Wicklow, Ireland.

darren thomas, freelance front-end web developer working with marketingpeach team


Darren is a freelance front-end web developer. He specialises in custom websites and WordPress theme customisation and has an excellent working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Darren ensures every website he works on looks great and is fully optimised, secure and accessible. When he is not “deep in code”, Darren can be found either studying for a degree in IT or letting loose thrashing out on his drum kit. Darren lives in Kent in the UK.

sourav chakraborty, freelance full-stack web developer working with marketingpeach team


Sourav Chakraborty is a freelance full-stack web developer and web consultant, who has been working with clients around the globe since 2006. He has a degree in Information Technology and works with WordPress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Angular, SCSS, SASS, Bootstrap. He is proficient in both front and back-end programming, and specialises in WordPress theme customization. Sourav loves books, music, spending time with his family and, of course, learning new technologies. He lives with his wife and child in Kolkata, India.

sophie childs, freelance writer and published author working with marketingpeach team


Sophie Childs is a freelance writer and published author who specialises in writing for SMEs and solopreneurs. She loves writing copy that captures her clients’ business personality. An Oxford graduate, she also has an Advanced Certificate in Marketing. In addition to her freelance work, Sophie has five children and enjoys going to the movies, dancing and yoga. She lives in the Welsh Valleys in the UK, where you can often find her exploring the countryside with her children and dog.

nicole freialdenhoven, freelance copywriter and translator, working with marketingpeach team


Nicole Freialdenhoven is a freelance copywriter and translator for English and Dutch to German (and vice versa) with a special focus on SEO and web localisation. She trained as a foreign language correspondent and IT specialist before spending ten years working in content- and SEO marketing for different companies in IT and tourism, before deciding to specialise in writing and translation. Nicole lives in Cologne, Germany, but can often be found abroad as travelling is her greatest passion.

magdalena seifert, founder of marketingpeach web design and marketing agency


Magdalena Seifert is the founder of MarketingPeach, a web design & inbound marketing agency. She is an inbound marketer specialising in the hospitality and outdoor- activity industry. Fully bilingual in German and English, she’s lived and worked in both Germany and Ireland. She is currently based in Bavaria, Germany, but still regularly travels to Ireland to meet clients. She enjoys travel and exploring the countryside, seeking out hidden gems across Europe.

angelika “lilly” wetzel, owner of crazy text and freelance writer associated with marketingpeach


Angelika “Lilly” Wetzel is the owner of Crazy Text and works as a freelance writer. Her personal motto is “Wordplay is my passion and writing my love.” She creates web content and various texts (both online and in print) in German, as well as providing transcription services. Her clients include companies, bloggers and private clients. In her spare time, Lilly loves to attend concerts and then review them for her online magazine Metal Affair. Lilly lives near Munich in beautiful Bavaria.

lisa aktseli, graphic designer, logo design and branding specialist from marketingpeach team


Lisa Aktseli is a graphic designer with over 18 years’ experience. She specializes in logo design, logo relaunch and brand design. Lisa transforms creative ideas into visual communication and exciting concepts to give her clients fresh, eye catching graphics. In her spare time, Lisa likes to work with natural cosmetics and is often found making handmade soap in her kitchen. In winter, Lisa lives in Glasgow, Scotland and then she spends the summer in her native Greece.