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Apr 28, 2016

Significance of Inbound Marketing in 2016

Inbound marketing is deemed as an effective measure of brand promotion but usually it is considered an option instead of a necessity. However, in 2016 this trend is bound to be changed as stage is set for inbound marketing becoming an essentiality.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

If you don’t have any clue about digital marketing, you may find it difficult to absorb the basic concept of inbound marketing because it is a relatively new element in marketing.

In essence, inbound marketing helps your brand to become popular and known among potential customers. This objective is achieved through various techniques out of which the most popular involves the use of content.

Sometimes, the term content marketing is used interchangeably with inbound marketing because the former is actually a subset of the latter. Through content marketing, brands can publish useful content about their brand or in relevance to their brand in a blog post, on their website or social media platforms. This content is optimised in a way that allows search engine robots to detect the text and ranks it in their search engine results pages (SERPs). This is how consumers get to know about the brand. The goal is to use the content to generate leads than could be converted into potential customers later on.

Another common tactic of inbound marketing is using social media effectively, but it is not paid advertising. Instead, social media is used to propagate the socially viable and communicable face of the business. Social media is often used by digital marketers to connect with the audience by posting interesting content such as a touching or funny story to attract users’ attention and provide the business with a “human touch”. Through social sharing sales leads can be generated. If a sound social media campaigning strategy is practiced by brands, it becomes easier to get widespread exposure through simple means.

Enough about inbound marketing; let’s now evaluate what makes it indispensable for marketers this year.

Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are most digital marketers’ nightmare because ads are extremely important for outbound marketing. These are however, considered interruptive in nature especially if these appear as pop-up ads. Inbound marketing tactics are far more passive in comparison to outbound techniques of marketing. In fact, these concepts are complete opposites of each other.

Ads, no matter how creatively created and circulated, become troubling for users after some time and hence, they install ad blockers to get rid of them. But this severely affects the marketers because their business’ progress and prosperity relies upon these ads. Thus, an alternative marketing technique is required and inbound marketing is an excellent option.

Inbound Marketing is less expensive than Outbound Marketing

Everyone loves to save some money on marketing and inbound marketing allows marketers to ensure just that.

A 2011 Hubspot study revealed that inbound marketing efforts cost at least 62% less than leads generated through outbound marketing tactics. But, how does inbound marketing generate leads? The answer is that there are several ways to do that out of which the most common one is to offer users or visitors something for free in exchange for their email address. Later, marketers use the email addresses for a “drip” email campaign. You must have observed companies offering free e-books containing industry specific information only to build trust with consumers and later on contact them with a sales offer.

Blending In

Internet is primarily used for searching purposes and to acquire information so when you decide to play along and provide the information they might need than this is called blending in. This is one of the key strategies used for inbound marketing. The key is to offer content that could gain higher ranking on search engines so as to make sure that it appears on relevant searches. The content should provide authentic and original information at the same time generates curiosity about your brand. This could be achieved through involving the expertise of professional marketing experts and a little investment in content marketing.


For the survival of your business in the “big, bad world of the internet”, you need to make your brand known and popular among your target audience. This can be made possible without much ado through inbound marketing.

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