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Localise your social marketing campaigns to increase conversions

I specialise in social media management for businesses based in Ireland, UK and Germany. Whether you’re a German organisation that wants to have a social media presence in the UK or Ireland, or a British/Irish business that wants to expand into German speaking countries, I can ensure your social media is tailored to your target audience while you focus on growing your business.

Most businesses recognise the importance of an active social media strategy for sites such as Facebook and Twitter to engage their target audience. However, if you want to expand your customer loyalty, brand awareness and sales to other countries, you’ll need to understand your target audience’s language, as well as appreciate the differences in culture and region.

How you speak on social media to people in Ireland or the UK is going to be different to how you speak to people in Germany – and don’t assume that they’ll always be able to understand English. Despite a high rate of English speakers in Germany, your audience will prefer using their native language, with German text needing to be adapted to the local culture, rather than a word-for-word translation.

Although you may have an excellent understanding of your domestic market, an international audience is a completely different matter. Each nation has its own unique preferences and buying habits. That’s why you need to make sure that your social media is adapted to each national audience, paying attention to any cultural differences that could impact on your copy.

What does social media localisation involve?

  • Advising on the most appropriate social media platform(s) for your business and target audience.
  • Setting up your social media site(s), once we’ve established which social media platforms you’d like to focus on, whether you want this done in German or
  • Optimising your social media platforms including social media banner creation, branding, keyword rich content and apps.
  • Managing your social media platforms on an ongoing basis according to your
    needs. I will deal with all social media communications – inbound and outbound
    – for your target market.

If you need expert help with localising your social media presence in German and/or English speaking markets, call me to discuss how I can assist you with your target audience needs.

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