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two hands holding a white message board with various power words of which 'social' and 'media' is highlighted in big red font
May 14, 2016

Social Media – Why it Needs Time AND Money!

Social media sites, as we know, are free to use. However, it’s a mistake to think that they need no financial investment, and take only minutes to master.

When you’re at home, logging on to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, chances are that you’ll only spend a few minutes per site. You’ll quickly browse through the most recent updates; perhaps leave a comment or two on other people’s posts, and maybe click through to a few websites.

It’s an easy process – and it’s precisely this ease that has led many people to mistakenly believe that it’s just as simple to promote your business on social media.

Social Media – It Takes Time!

You’ll often hear people saying that it’s possible to build a strong brand presence on social media in just a few minutes a day. If only it were actually that straightforward!

Whilst you might be able to manage a limited social media presence in this timeframe, it’s virtually impossible to create any sort of real impact without devoting a lot more time to it. There’s more to social media than simply posting the occasional update.

Here’s just a few things that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Sourcing content. In order to encourage interaction and engagement on social media, your content needs to attract attention, and be of a high quality. Sourcing suitable content takes considerable time. Whether it’s finding the right images, tracking down the ideal copywriter to produce a blog post, promoting the content on your social media channels, or finding links to relevant content online – it all takes a lot more than just a couple of minutes!
  • Building a fan base. Regrettably, followers won’t miraculously find your profile pages. Instead, they need to be located, and actively marketed to. Even just discovering the right method to attract followers takes time.
  • Insights. Without actual statistics, it’s impossible to know whether your social media marketing is working or not. It’s virtually impossible to get a realistic picture of how well you’re doing if you’ve only got five minutes to review your data!
  • Communicating with followers. As more people become aware of your brand on social media, so too will you notice an increase in the amount of interactions you receive. Fail to respond to comments and questions, and you’ll send out a negative message about your company. Trust me – reading through comments and replying to them takes a considerable amount of time in itself.

How Much Time Should You Spend?

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer with regards to how long you should devote to your social media platforms. However, it’s important to be realistic with your expectations. Spending fifteen minutes a day is unlikely to generate much interest in your brand! You should also be realistic about your own time limitations.

To succeed on social media, you need to devote a sufficient amount of time each day to it. If you know that you haven’t got the time to do this, you could hire the assistance of a freelance social media marketer instead – who can help as and when you need them.

Why Should You Spend Money on Social Media Advertising

In honesty, it’s a myth that social media sites are free – or at least for businesses, anyway! If you want to enjoy a strong social media presence, you’ll need to invest at least a small part of your marketing budget on building it.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. More traffic. According to Facebook’s own statistics, organic posts only reach around 16% of followers. Promoted posts reach considerably more, which means more traffic through to your site. Better still – the visitors will be targeted, which means they’re more likely to result in a sale.
  2. More shares. Your advertised content receives considerably more exposure, which means it’s more likely to be shared. This means even more exposure (at no extra cost!).
  3. More contact. Your promoted posts are seen by lots more people, which means a lot more meaningful connection with your brand, plus more contact in the form of comments, questions and reviews.

Giving Your Social Media the Right Attention (and Budget)

As you can see, social media offers huge potential – but without a lot of hard work and a little bit of financial investment, you’re unlikely to see results. Work with a marketing expert who already has a solid understanding of social media – as this ensures your campaign hits the ground running. And don’t be reluctant to devote part of your marketing budget to social media – the rewards can be considerable!

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