Why choose me?

Personal service

Wait a sec while I put on my hipster eyeglasses on and pose next to a brick wall!

I’m sure you know the marketing agency archetype, and I’m not quite it. Obviously, I drink litres of coffee and I am a geek when it comes to internet marketing, but my clients tell me that I am down-to-earth, full of practicality and experience.

You’ll find me fair, fast, and easy to work with. I won’t waste your time, your money, or your trust… ever!

Cost savings for you

I work with a pool of highly skilled freelancers who help me do what I do. Working with freelancers leaves my business more cost-effective. Significant cost savings I can pass on to my customers.

Proud to be small

When it comes to marketing agencies, there will always be businesses seemingly bigger and better than MarketingPeach. Those who have ‘posh’ offices in upmarket Dublin or London locations with an army of talented people, working on a range of famous brands.

Me, on the other hand, I’m working from my home office and just call upon my trusted freelancers as and when I need them.

However, just because I’m small doesn’t mean I’m not mighty. My virtual team and I provide a personalised service that delivers quantifiable, impressive results rivalling any of the bigger marketing agencies.

The best and the brightest

Virtually located across the globe, from Ireland to the UK, Hungary to India, the US to New Zealand, the MarketingPeach team is comprised of a highly experienced creative web designer in Ireland, two senior web developers, two native English-speaking copy writers, a digital ad/graphic designer and a digital advertising/analytics expert.

Get expert marketing help

And there is me of course… I am your inbound marketing and digital marketing consultant, advisor, mentor, project manager – and hands-on-help – all in one. I am your sole point of contact whilst I work alongside my team, organising what’s going to happen, leading the team, managing the budget, planning, coordinating and closing the project, whilst frequently providing you with reports and progress updates.

Unique skills set

My diverse background has given me a wide range of unique skills. Years of expertise in sales and marketing, business development, management training and outdoor leadership qualifications combine to give you what you need to bring your business to the next level.

Select number of clients

I believe in working with only a small number of clients at any one time so that I’m not spreading myself too thin. I give all my clients my full attention equally and fairly. Working with me means you get genuine support when you need it. I’m the person you’ll speak to during our initial consultation and I’ll remain your sole point of contact for as long as we work together.

Straight talking

I believe that honesty is the key to a positive working relationship. I never take on a job that I do not feel is a good fit for me and my team, if, for example, it requires a different skillset to mine or we don’t have the right experience. I’ll be completely upfront about what I can and can’t do before you hire me.

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